Samson-Med has a license for the whole range of work from development and research to the full cycle production of medicines from raw materials of biological and animal origin. The company’s products are supplied to the pharmaceutical market of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.

R&D partners

Commercial partners

For decades, Samson-Med has been cooperating with pharmaceutical distributors and major drug manufacturers, to whom the company sells pharmaceutical substances.
Long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation is promoted by the company’s flexible commercial policy, as well as the consistently high product quality noted by the partners.

National and regional distributors

Drugs manufacturers

Samson-Med is constantly expanding the geography of sales. The company’s products are supplied to the CIS countries, Mongolia, etc.
We thank our partners for many years of fruitful work and invite new potential partners for cooperation!

Contract development and manufacturing organization

The company’s research and production laboratory develops technologies for the purification of enzymes, proteins and polypeptides isolated from animal raw materials. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for processing the stages of extraction, precipitation, chromatographic purification, ultrafiltration, as well as the development of methods for controlling the quality of products and intermediates: HPLC, GLC, Fluo-UV-Vis spectrophotometry, etc.
Samson-Med provides services to interested organizations in the following areas:

  1. Extraction of medicinal organ preparations (including enzymes) from biological and animal raw materials
  2. Development of technological / production schemes of sterile medicinal organ preparations in the following forms:
    • Lyophilizates
    • Suspensions, concentrates
    • Solutions
  3. Contract manufacturing of substances and the above-mentioned medicinal forms of organ preparations at our own production facilities